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Installation 1:2001
Architectural installation for the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea
di Firenze

The Installation 1:2001 is a circular wall of religious, ideological and philosophical books from all over the world. The diameter of the circle is 6,37 metres (diameter of Earth 1:2001000 according to Neil Heimler´s Principles of Science) and the high of the wall will be 6,37:2. The books are to be used as bricks, title-backs outwards. There will be one entrance to the interior of the installation, which will be a white wall to the contrast of the various title-backs seen on the outside. The viewer inside the installation will be in focus.

The installation will be realized in co-operation with various instances and individuals around the world. The donators of the books are: Lenin Institute, Tampere, Finland / City Library of Imatra, Finland / Zentral-und Landesbibliothek Berlin, Germany / Vilnius Pedagogical University Library, Lithuania / Municipal Library of Prague, Czech Republic / Büchereien Wien, Austria / Oton Zupancic Public Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Antti Antinoja, Finland / City Library of Kouvola, Finland / Ulla Kemppilä, Finland / Gisela Bayer-Salminen, Finland / Institute of the Study of the Juche Idea, Japan / Pamela Ruiz, Cuba / Dharma-center, Finland / Windhorse Publication, UK / City Library of Savonlinna, Finland / Pamela Ruiz, Cuba / Embassy of China in Finland / St. Benno Verlag, Germany / Osho Verlag, Germany / EGIG e CLU, Italy / Giunti, Italy / Claudiana, Italy / UTET, Italy / A.I.B. (Associazione Italiana Bibliotecari), Italy / Biblioteca Medica Azienda Ospedaliera "S.M. della Misericordia" di Udine, Italy / Labor et Fides, Swizerland / Prosveta, France

The international cordinator with the libraries is Ms. Tuula Haavisto, Project Manager, Central and Eastern European Licensing Information Platform. The work of art is kindly sponsored by: Cultural Fund of Finland, Scandia Rent.


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