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Architectonic installation and exhibition at the 7th Havana Biennale 2000

On the campus area of Facultad de Arqitectura Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose Antonio Echevarrira will be built an installation, 'Quetzalcoatlus'. A solid iron beam with the length of seven meters is to be tensioned between two concrete buildings with fishing line. The distance between the buildings is approximately 16 meters. The weigth of the beam is 315 kilograms and it will be positioned slightly above the ground level. The Beam has it's own flight pattern due the thermal changes which will tighten or loosen the fishing lines according to the time of day and weather conditions. The heavy fligth of the beam will balance on the edge of the impossible. One can sense the possibility of disaster. The name QUETZALCOATLUS reflects back to the ancient times of Pteosaurs - the last flying dinosaurs. The living conditions turned to be too hostile for these great creatures.


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