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Head Quarters interior for Solar Films Inc. movie and tv production house. Office spaces mounted on 2 floors high movable steel towers on wheels. The structure changes according to needs of different combinations of group or solo work. 5 towers, bridge, steps and reception.

Author: C-LAB

Tower measures: height 5 meters, widht 2,5 meters, depth 2,5 meters.

Working group: Marco Casagrande, Marty Ross, Tuomas Makkonen, Philippe
Gelard assisted by Roni Sture, Aki Vepsäläinen, Janne Saario and Antti Antinoja.

Materials: steel, wood, velvet, Plexiglas.

Human Layer / Taipei
Human Layer / Helsinki
Human Layer / London
Finish Jewelery 4
Human Layer / Bergen
Cross Over
Car Park / Melbourne
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