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Human Layer /Bergen
Urban planning for Bergen, Norway finding out methods of introducing networks of free democratic functions in the existing city structure. Ecological planning of activating the water surfaces of the town including a channel connecting the city centre and airport. Physically digging a hole to meet the ground water level in a land fill area on the valley between the city centre and airport.

Together with the Bergen School of Architecture and the Bergen City

Workshop for the Bergen School of Architecture. Marco Casagrande / head teacher, Hans-Peter Brörådal / co-teacher

Workshop results as the book Trojan Horse / Bergen

Exhibition mounted on 500 meters of abandoned railroad track.

Measures: 21 human size stands, 70 x 100 cm photos on exhibition.

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Human Layer / Helsinki
Human Layer / London
Finish Jewelery 4
Human Layer / Bergen
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Car Park / Melbourne
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